Service Robotics

At FAST we offer a wide range of service robotics and autonomous technology, helping to drive efficiencies, save time and reduce costs.  How can we ease your pain points?

  • DULL TASKS: Boost team efficiency through automation of repetitive tasks e.g., vacuuming, or bussing tables.
  • DIRTY TASKS: Increase productivity by automation e.g. Floor scrubbing
  • DANGEROUS TASKS: Support staff, particularly for tasks that are done at height e.g., tall building surveys.
  • DEAR / EXPENSIVE TASKS: With labour shortages and cost of living crisis, service robots can help you utilise your staff effectively ensuring the job gets done and your staff are supported.

With our innovative payment options, we look after everything from:

  • Product Installation
  • Maintenance and Servicing
  • Accessible Reports and Insights


Commercial robot vacuum are transforming the way cleaning teams operate. Using a trusted AI platform, these cleaners deliver a higher quality, more efficient clean – with proof of performance.

Tray Delivery

Tray delivery activities are used in a wide variety of businesses and the range of Keenbot models ensure that there is the ideal tray delivery for your needs.

Building Intelligence & Health Checks

A healthy building system to provide cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable places to work.

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