Our Products

We partner with industry leaders across the world to provide a comprehensive portfolio from which we can design, develop and implement state-of-the-art automation technologies that can be deployed into manufacturing facilities with immediate effect.

  • Packing Automation
  • Collaborative Robotics
  • Factory Automation
  • Manufacturing Software
  • Autonomous Mobile Robotics
  • Machine Tending
  • Service Robotics


KUKA offer total flexibility for industrial manufacturing, with robot systems that can handle various payload capacities and mobile robot units that can navigate autonomously.

Bosch Rexroth

Overcome mechanical and plant engineering challenges with cutting-edge technology powering intelligent and powerful solutions.

Service Robotics

At FAST we offer a wide range of service robotics and autonomous technology, helping to drive efficiencies, save time and reduce costs.


SymphonyAI solutions provide optimal data integrations, pipelines, and workflows for useful results, rapid deployment, and seamless scalability.


Collaborative tools and software from OnRobot allow manufacturers to optimise their processes, growing their businesses with greater flexibility, higher output, and improved quality.

SOCO Systems

The SOCO SYSTEM product range is designed to eliminate physically strenuous work functions, increasing efficiency with end-of-line packaging and handling equipment.

Universal Robots

Collaborative robots from Universal Robots offer your business six degrees of freedom, offering incredible flexibility, and easy integration into existing production environments.

FAST Configurator

Integrate our fully visual CPQ with existing technology, connecting Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing teams seamlessly.


Maximise the efficiency of your logistics operations with autonomous mobile robots from MiR. Automate your in-house transportation with these unique, collaborative robots.


Highly advanced industrial automation solutions from EasyRobotics are designed to reduce production time and help lower the stress for workers.


Transform your current intralogistics processes by automating your internal transport, with safe, collaborative solutions from Lowpad .


A visual and user-friendly OEE software that helps manufacturing companies improve productivity and remove waste. Powered by Evocon.

FAST Progress

A user-friendly solution to plan and track production orders. Easily manage and track work orders through production, without a complex ERP system.

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