Our team of automation experts can develop and implement custom solutions, unique to your manufacturing process.

Factory Automation

Optimise your production lines through the integration of robotics, vision guided vehicles, and transfer systems. With the technological efficiencies offered by factory automated solutions your business can gain a competitive advantage to achieve your goals.

At FAST our expert team will help evaluate your current equipment and processes, designing an effective custom solution that will successfully incorporate automation solutions into your existing processes. With extensive experience, skill set, and industry knowledge we can match your needs with leading robotic automation technology that will enhance your business, no matter the size.

We have worked with clients across the world designing special purpose machinery to incorporate the best automated solutions for complete factory production lines, from evaluation and initial design through to production, installation, and maintenance. By combining the latest system design packages with our wide variety of software control platforms FAST can deliver reliability, performance, quality, and safety to your business.


Our wide range of industrial, collaborative and mobile robots can be combined to create individual solutions for your production processes. Efficiently increase productivity, improve product quality, and enjoy greater customer satisfaction with robotic solutions from FAST.

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A photo of a FAST employee operating a robotic arm with a touch screen console. The robotic arm is lifting a cardboard package.

Packing Automation

Automate your production assembly with expertly designed, end-of-line packaging solutions from FAST. Through our partner network, we can provide manufacturers of retail goods and pharmaceutical products the ability to increase the productivity, accuracy, and flexibility of their packaging lines.

From box sealing to palletising and shrink wrapping, we offer a complete line of efficient automated packing systems designed to reduce waste and human error without compromising on safety. Our custom systems are built using components from world-leading suppliers and are designed and built by enthusiastic, talented people who are passionate about contributing to your success.

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