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SOCO Systems – Nilfisk

Paradigm shift at Distribution Centre Copenhagen results in a potential saving of approximately 30% for Nilfisk

Nilfisk is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment. Their product range covers any requirement for professional cleaning.

Their brands are well known for high quality and reliability and their products are used in more than 100 countries around the world.

DC-CPH in Denmark – distribution of vacuum cleaners and high-pressure washers to the whole world

Nilfisk Distribution Centre Copenhagen has approximately 150 employees in threeshift operation. They process 1.2 mill. order lines annually, approximately 5,000 orders a day.

Orders can be sent to the customers the same day as they are ordered for the neighbouring markets – including the Benelux countries – and this puts heavy demands on the picking/packing process.

Paradigm shift – process simplification – cases are equipped with a unique ID

In the new system, each order/case is equipped with a unique ID in the form of a label with bar codes and a unique 4 digit ID in large print. The label follows and identifies the order/case to the point of shipment.

The SAP EWM system makes a continuous and dynamic calculation of the order flow and ensures optimisation of the picking process. The system analyses the orders, chooses packaging sizes and the most efficient way from pick store to customer – irrespective of being sent in case, on pallet, in scantainer, or in a transport cage.

A new packaging line from SOCO SYSTEM was purchased as part of the new process.

The cooperation with SOCO SYSTEM

Lars Frederiksen, Support & Development Manager at Nilfisk: “The SOCO employees were good at listening, asking questions, and then recommended solutions which would satisfy our requirements for the new process.

As a customer, I experienced this as a very high degree of customer understanding to sum it in short. Implementation, programming, and installation went to plan and any system modifications were received well and dealt with by SOCO with a smile.

My first direct contact with SOCO was at the Scanpack exhibition in Gothenburg/Sweden, where I was looking for case sealers that could seal cases as low as 100 mm high.

Not many companies can handle this besides SOCO SYSTEM. At the same time, SOCO SYSTEM was recommended to me by my professional network”.

The physical solution

The packaging line consists of driven roller conveyors, belt conveyors, side pushers, flap folders, and a case sealer.

Programming connects everything and sees to printing of pack lists, delivery notes, and shipping label when the cases have been packed and tape sealed. Everything is standard SOCO SYSTEM components and modules that can be extended, relocated, and adjusted according to changes in the production environment.