DC Systems

With custom DC System from FAST, you can be assured that your industrial equipment will receive continuous DC supply for effective operation of switchgear and protection systems. We can help you design and develop your next system for demanding conditions, providing secure, consistent and economical solutions to meet your needs.

Our solutions have been developed in partnership with industry leaders and deliver highly flexible systems for a variety of industrial operational and backup applications, including battery chargers and systems for switchgear tripping and closing.

We take great pride in fostering close customer relationships to help you find the right solution across the following areas:

  • Lithium Battery Systems
  • Lead Acid Battery Systems
  • NiCd Battery Systems
  • DC Distribution Panels
  • Switch Tripping Units
  • Battery Tripping Units
  • Best Battery Diode Systems
  • Battery Backup Units For Installation Within Customers Equipment
  • Constant Potential Chargers – Thyristor, Linear and Switched Mode Types available
  • Constant Current Chargers For Sealed Nickel Cadmium Batteries
  • Custom DC Power Supplies

Battery Tripping Unit

Our Switchgear Battery Tripping Unit systems can be supplied fully customised with status indicators, test points and alarms. The robust reliable units, with a remote monitoring as an option are very simple to install and competitively priced. One of the most critical components of a switch tripping unit is the battery technology used. FAST Technologies have significant chemistry experience and can help select the best technology for your application to reduce maintenance and down-time costs.


  • NiCd & VRLA Versions
  • 24V, 30V, 50V & 110V Models Available
  • Standing Load Versions
  • Small Compact Design
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Short Lead Times
  • Robust Reliable Design
  • Flexibility For Customization
Battery Switch Tripping Units

Best Battery Diode Systems

For engine starting systems that demand high reliability our ‘Best Battery Diode’ system provides reliable coupling of starter batteries and allows the system to select the optimal ‘Best’ battery.

FAST Best Battery Diode systems are used by the some of the largest Genset manufacturers globally, and provide an extra back-up feature for mission critical applications such as data centres etc.

Simplified Connection Diagram – Two Batteries and One Load:

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