Chemical Delivery & Wet Process


At FAST we offer a wide range of specialised and integrated chemical delivery systems that are designed specifically to your requirements. Our modular solutions provide reliable handling equipment in the delivery, distribution and recovery of liquids, gases, chemicals, and slurries. From dosing systems to biotech pumping, filtration and monitoring stations, our tailored solutions will enable you to accurately minimise wastage in your wet processing systems.

We provide custom Chemical solutions for:

Solvent Delivery & Collection Systems

Our custom designs can deliver accurate solvent blend systems specifically tailored to your requirements. They are designed with safety in mind and comply with the necessary ATEX regulations.

CMP Blend & Delivery Systems

These FAST modular systems are designed for the distribution and precision blending of various CMP slurries, oxidizers and surfactants with DI Water to a precise ratio. The systems incorporate state of the art Levitronix pumping technology to maintain consistent pressure and flow across numerous toolsets.

Acid Blend & Delivery Systems 

Based on the modular design, these systems are designed for the precision blending of acids to a precise ratio. These systems incorporate state of the art pumping and metrology options.

FAST Chemical Technology systems

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