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Packing Automation

FAST Technologies are a solution partner for SOCO Systems, through this partnership we can provide COMPLETE manufacturing solutions through production assembly to end of line packing.


Roller conveyors, wheel conveyors, flexi conveyors, driven conveyors, flexi curves, fixed curves, belt conveyors, controllers, vertical lifts, rotary tables, weights, side pushers etc. The conveyor system is supplied electro-galvanised, in stainless steel or custom made.

  • Easy to move and changeImage result for soco system conveyor
  • Modular
  • Easy to expand – standard system in stock
  • Can be expanded to a complete packaging line – or be part of a system

The cost of a SOCO SYSTEM case sealing machine can easily be justified, even when small numbers of cases are to be sealed. Sealing by hand is a time

consuming and repetitive operation, a case sealing machine can make the process quicker and easier, while improving final case presentation and integrity also controlling the amount of tape used and reducing labour.

They are simple to use and adjust and easily integrated into existing packing lines or used with a SOCO SYSTEM case Former to create a complete packing line. They are built to EC directives on safety and have robust construction suitable for 24hr production. A wide range of accessories are available to complete the packing process.

Pallet handling, pallet conveying, quick exchange of pallets and pallet stacking are only some of the processes that SOCO SYSTEM’s pallet modules make very efficient.

The system is supplied in a variety of lengths, widths and heights.

Examples of modules are: non-driven and driven pallet roller conveyors, chain conveyors, pallet magazines, transfer trucks and rotary tables.
There is also a wide range of auxiliary equipment.


Plug and play
The robot is quick and easy to install in an existing production environment.
It is tested before delivery using your products and pallet patterns.

New pallet pattern in 30 seconds
If the pallet pattern is already in the IPC, it takes no more than 30 seconds to switch to another programme.

Safe to operate, simple and versatile
The machine requires minimal maintenance and is easy to access. It is equipped with safety fencing options hat meet CE requirements.

Greater pallet capacity – Improved freight economy
All types of cases, even heavy and bulky ones, can be stacked at heights up to 2700 mm in order to fully utilise the capacity of lorries and containers.


Universal Robots packing a palletising systems can be flexible for redeployment factory wide. Used for both palletising and box packing, with simple programming and ease of deployment they offer fast ROI in many applications.

The standard version of SOCO  SYSTEM’s three base models offers a wide range ​of functions an
d options. Pallet stretch wrapping stabilises the pallet load and secures the contents.

The machines are operated by means of an easy-to-use control panel, which can be fitted on the right hand, left hand, or backside of the pillar. The auxiliary equipment includes a pit frame, pallet roller conveyors, film alarm, ramp, 3-way base frame etc.


FAST Technologies are experts in the design and integration of end of line packaging systems for high volume manufacturers of retail packaged goods and pharmaceutical products. We have our manufacturing base in in Northern Ireland where we develop new robotic loading and product handling technologies and a Technical Sales team ready to understand your requirements. All our systems are built using components from world leading suppliers and they are designed and built by enthusiastic and talented people who share our passion for contributing to our customers success. We are ISO9001:2008 accredited and have expertise in the special requirements of the pharmaceutical sector including validation.


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Product Sheets

Download SOCO Systems Case Erecting Systems Product Sheet
SOCO Systems Case Erecting Systems
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Download SOCO Systems Pallet handling Systems Product Sheet
SOCO Systems Pallet handling Systems
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Download SOCO Systems Pallet Securing Systems Product Sheet
SOCO Systems Pallet Securing Systems
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Download SOCO Systems Palletising Systems Product Sheet
SOCO Systems Palletising Systems
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