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Chemical Delivery and Wet Process Systems

FAST Technologies chemical delivery and wet process systems are developed according to our customer’s process requirements.

We provide custom solutions for:

  • Chemical Blending & Delivery Systems
  • Solvent & Blended Solvent Delivery Systems
  • Manual & Automatic Wet
  • Processing Stations
  • Wet Process Filtration, Monitoring & Pumping Systems, Upgrades
  • CMP Slurry Delivery Systems & Carts
  • VMB for Various Chemicals & Solvents
  • Food Sector Pumping & Dosing Systems
  • Biotech Pumping, Recirculation & Dosing Systems

Solvent and Solvent Blend Delivery Modules are designed with safety in mind and comply with the necessary ATEX regulations. The  systems can supply solvent blended accurately to your process requirement – and our custom design capability allow us to deliver systems specifically tailored to your requirements. The use of chemically compatible high quality materials guarantee chemical purity at POU (Point of Use).

The FAST MODular CMP Slurry Delivery System has been primarily designed for the distribution and precision blending of various CMP slurries. The FAST CBU and CBU+Blending and Distribution modules can blend CMP slurry, oxidizers and surfactants with DI Water to a precise ratio.

With onboard precision controls, the end user has the flexibility of determining their own batch sizes for the CMP application at hand.

The systems incorporate state of the art Levitronix pumping technology via closed loop maglev pumping systems to maintain consistent pressure and flow across numerous toolsets.

This low shear force pump technology coupled with in-line filtration minimizes slurry particulate agglomeration thus reducing micro scratching and improving process yield, while the various onboard metrology options ensure blend accuracy and quality from batch to batch.

FAST Technologies Wet Bench processing units can be configured to provide a combination of chemical processing and rinse process baths, including various plastics, quartz, stainless steel, static or recirculation baths, ambient or temperature-controlled and with the additional options of ultrasonic or megasonic cleaning.

Further options include drying units, chillers or heat exchangers, concentration monitors, hot plate and stirring systems, electrical outlets and perforated work areas. System control options include modular, microprocessor-based controllers, PC/PLC controller with colour touchscreens and full PLC-based recipe and data management capability, with GEM/SECS options also available. These stations are available in any configuration.

The Food and Beverage sectors are setting new standards in terms of hygiene aspects, product quality and consumer safety. Also the suppliers to these industries need to comply with increased technical and ethical standards. FAST Technologies offers a wide range of fluid handling solutions that meet industry demand today and for the future.

Biotechnology is becoming increasingly important for future pharmaceutical products. Tomorrow’s blockbusters will be mainly based on biotechnological production where animal or plant cells are cultivated and processed.

These cells and their resulting proteins can be very sensitive to external mechanical forces such as shear stress.

FAST Technologies as an integrator for Levitronix offers a wide range of fluid handling solutions focusing on low-shear pump systems, mixers and ultrasonic flowmeters complying with the industry demands for today and tomorrow.

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