FAST Configurator


A visual solution to Configure Price Quote (CPQ) operations.

Integrate our fully visual CPQ with existing technology, connecting Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing teams seamlessly. The FAST Configurator simplifies complex configuration, streaming ordering, reducing time, automating sales processes, and increasing sales.


Fully featured, not complicated.

Real-time visual configuration

Our easy to navigate visual display, streamlines customer engagement in real-time, delivering vital touch-points through the ordering process.

Total Configurator helps connect your buyer with a visual product configurator, removing complexity. Total Configurator tracks customer behaviour providing data-centric insights.

Integrate into existing technology

Supercharge your existing business systems with our Total API. We’ve built Total Configurator with friction-less integration in mind and our support team will help integrate a dedicated API seamlessly into your existing ERP or CRM platform.

Total Configurator delivers a holistic ordering process, leaving you to scale business and build customer relationships.

Accelerate sales

Total Configurator is a platform for Sales teams to help increase lead generation, eliminate tedious time consuming sales work, free up more time to build customer relationships and effectively boost revenue.

Process more orders with up to 80% time savings
through automation.

Inventory Workflow

Integrate with your existing CRM system and manage parts, descriptions and code items seamlessly through your customers buying experience.

  • Automated bill of materials for the configured order.
  • More insight to inventory and resource planning.

Perfect for your industry


Customise products according to specific requirements, increase efficiency, improve quality control and reduce costs.


Streamline the configuration of medical equipment device orders to meet specific patient needs while automating parts selection.

Agri Engineering

Driving efficiency for high-tech agriculture machinery manufacturers, by providing end customers with visual configuration and guided selling tools.

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