Easily understand, analyse and improve factory performance

FAST OEE is a visual and user-friendly OEE software powered by Evocon that helps manufacturing companies improve productivity and remove waste. Providing real-time, accurate information to help an organisation start utilizing their true potential.

Trusted by manufacturers worldwide, Evocon is a simple and easy-to-use OEE software that helps manufacturing companies improve their production efficiency and reduce waste. The system enables automated data collection, real-time data visualization, downtime tracking, bottleneck identification, and performance monitoring. With Evocon, you get all the tools you need to improve OEE and understand what is actually going on in your production processes.

Evocon’s OEE monitoring software is suitable for manufacturers of all sizes. From small and medium-sized manufacturers to global corporations, our system is used in 50+ countries and 25+ industries.

your teams
production efficiency
quality and reliability
and analyse downtime

Production monitoring, visualised

With Shift View, daily production performance is visualized hourly in an easy-to-understand way, allowing operators to get real-time feedback about their work.

Visualization drastically improves our ability to work with and understand complex data.

User-friendly & simple to use

Evocon is a production monitoring software that won’t tie up your operators with data collection.

It’s user-friendly at its core, needing very little training, and most operations can be completed with a few clicks allowing shift operators to focus on their primary work.

Source of truth for all teams

Production monitoring is a lot about optimizing machines. But it is mainly about people. With Shift View, in one glimpse, everyone can immediately see what has happened, what the actual issues are, and how to improve OEE.

No more gut feelings, guesses, or finger-pointing.

Improve operational discipline

By implementing Shift View on the shop floor you empower operators with real-time production data and with the ability to report about actual issues in production.

This improves operational discipline and enhances employee involvement.

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