With SymphonyAI Industrial software you can gain previously unattainable value and scalability in your manufacturing journey.

Compared to traditional manufacturing execution systems (MES), a manufacturing operations management (MOM) system provides full visibility into your production processes by consolidating them into a digital holistic platform.

MOM 360

Built on a composable, workflow-driven application architecture, the MOM 360 system grants your organisation the ability to turn on and implement only the operational processes, as and when they are needed. This helps to steadily improve manufacturing operations performance, enhancing scheduling and quality control while also providing further flexibility and efficiencies.

Enterprise MOM

Our Enterprise Management capability empowers operations management to rapidly deploy applications across your fleet of plants – leveraging our Enterprise Application Library providing governance and speed. Enterprise Manufacturing Operations Insights enable benchmarking to drive best in class operational productivity.

SymphonyAI manufacturing operations management solutions include:

Low-Code Library

  • Processes (shipping/receiving, quality execution)
  • Connectors (ERP, PLC, Sensors)
  • MOM applications

Composable MOM

  • Visual workflow-based application
  • Drag & drop composer
  • Pre-built MES & Plant Operations applications

AI Improvement

  • Multivariate analysis
  • Continual process optimisation
  • Maintaining the “golden batch”
  • Near real-time set point advisories

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