SOCO Systems

SOCO Systems offer a complete manufacturing solution for end-of-line packaging and product handling. From case sealing to pallet handling, SOCO System products are designed to increase efficiency and reduce the physically strenuous work your employees undertake daily.

With one system from one supplier you don’t need to adapt different products across different suppliers, resulting in less paper and reducing wasted time. Plus, you can easily add modules and functionality, relocate modules, or whatever’s needed to meet your future needs.


Flexible, efficient, and ergonomic conveyor systems for internal transport and goods handling. SOCO SYSTEM’s conveyors are composed of a number of proven and reliable standard modules that can be combined in all possible ways to create a tailor-made solution for your company.

Case Sealers

Thanks to the modular concept of SOCO SYSTEM’s case sealers, you can combine them in numerous ways to match your exact needs. The case sealers can also be expanded when your packaging line begins to grow, so you don’t have to redesign your processes.

Pallet Handling

Increase productivity and safely optimise your pallet handling processes with this range of pallet modules. With pallet dispensers and magazines helping to reduce the manual handling of pallets, your employees are spared unnecessary physical demanding work that can lead to injury and operational stoppage in production.

Palletising Robot-in-a-Box

Improve efficiency and enhance the working environment with automated palletising robots. These intelligent solutions offer a high degree of operational reliability, accuracy, and user friendliness. A palletising robot takes on the monotonous, physically demanding tasks and can load pallets effectively.

Pallet Wrappers

Safely stabilise your pallet load as the contents are secured using pallet stretch wrapping systems. There are three base models offering a wide range ​of functions and options.

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