Get the most out of your MiRs

Turn your autonomous mobile robots into powerful, multi-tasking workers with this range of well-engineered mobile robotic equipment from ROEQ. Utilising the latest technology these module solutions can unlock the full power of your suite of MiR AMR’s.

ROEQ mobile robotic equipment offer simple integration into your current workflow, eliminating the need for hours of coding. Plus, once you are up and running it’s easy to switch between different solutions, giving you the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your production line as they happen.

ROEQ products are engineered with the belief that robots and humans can work safely together. With this principal acting as a solid foundation, their range of mobile robotic equipment are flexible, reliable and safe to solve the vast majority of business challenges in the AMR market.

ROEQ TR125 Auto-Manual

Roller Modules

  • TR125 Auto / Manual
  • TR500
  • YR1000
ROEQ S-Cart500W

Carts / Racks

  • S-Cart500W
  • S-Cart1500W
  • S-Cart300W

Carts / Racks Modules

  • TMS-C500 Ext
  • TMS-C1500
  • TMC300
  • TMR150
ROEQ DS100-200E Ext Floor

Docking Stations

  • DS100/200P Floor
  • DS100/200P Ext Floor
  • DS100/200P Wall
  • DS100/200E Floor
  • DS100/200E Ext Floor
  • DS100/200E Wall

Lifter Modules

  • TML150
  • TML200
  • TML1000

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