MES Solutions

With Aptean’s global-industry-leading Factory Manufacturing Execution System’s (MES), you can improve operational efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction. Factory MES provides real-time visibility into production, operation and quality compliance by adopting a true paperless solution.

These process solutions are industry-focused and create hyper-niche software solutions that enhance your operational activities – driving measurable results for your business. Quick implementation and less customisation is required, allowing for a fast deployment at the right price point. This helps to drive inefficiency out of your manufacturing and processing operations.

What is a MES?

A manufacturing execution system (MES) turns all the disjointed data and process information from your manufacturing operation into actionable business intelligence.

Armed with these insights, you’re able to modernise and improve your manufacturing business—tackling the Industry 4.0 revolution head-on and forging a path to continuous improvement.

Benefits of Aptean MES

Our MES provides real-time, actionable data that empowers you to reduce waste, lower production costs, optimise operations, maximise efficiency and improve your overall plan attainment.

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