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market demands
heavy lifting


Hennessy is known to require that working conditions of their employees matches the high standard of their products. Their focus is on quality of product, ergonomy for employees, safety, and quality control.

As a result, the company needed a safe and easy way to palletise 25kg boxes efficiently and carefully within a narrow space. The solution also had to help increase productivity to meet the increased demand from existing and new markets.

  • Heavy lifting
  • Limited space
  • High quality product
  • Slow process


With ergonomic and efficient machines by SOCO System, Hennessy were able to handle their high-quality, exclusive, and sophisticated boxes with the precise care only an automated robot could offer. Easy to install and user-friendly, the palletising robots could load pallets 2m high, weighing 1500kg.

With the modular nature of SOCO System, the distiller has been able to install additional pallet loaders to meet market demands, ergonomic assistance systems to maintain high quality control and a box erector with hot melt closure to handle elegant square boxes.

Implementing automation into the packaging process helped Jas Hennessy & Co. increase productivity across the company, while also ensuring staff safety now that the need to operate machinery to move heavy pallets was eliminated. Output increased to meet market demands and high-quality products are now handled with extra care, reducing damages.

  • Better working conditions
  • Easy to operate solution
  • Increased throughput
  • Damages reduced

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SOCO System


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